DPHS Association


It is my privilege as the retired Headmaster of DPHS to serve the school as Director of the newly established DPHS Association.  I am grateful to the Headmaster, School Management, Governing Body and DPHS Educational Trust for entrusting me with this task. This Association is the result of the affection and respect shown by so many people, Old Boys, Parents, Staff Members and Friends, past and present, towards DPHS. These are people who have done and will continue to do everything possible to uphold DPHS’s reputation for schooling excellence. I take great pride in introducing you to the DPHS ASSOCIATION, and welcoming you to a family of loyal and passionate supporters who value their bond with the school and proudly acknowledge the unique values, qualities and excellence of the DPHS experience.


This is an invitation to join the DPHS Association.  By joining you will bond your unique contribution to the school and your DPHS legacy, to the legacy of the school, past, present and future.  I ask that you be forth coming and join the Association today and show the boys and the school that you are always ready to respond, as a member of the DPHS Association and official supporter, to the DPHS call “from small beginnings“  


The Director and members of the DPHS Association undertake to provide the Headmaster, Boys, Staff, Parents, Governing Body and Trust with support in all their endeavours to improve and maintain the very high standard of schooling at DPHS and enhance the strong bonds which exist between past and present boys, parents, staff members and friends of the school.


Membership is open to Old Boys, DPHS parents (present and past), Grandparents, friends and Associates of the school. A register of DPHS Association members will be kept by the Director of the DPHS Association. Membership is for life. A once off life membership fee of R300 is payable to the DPHS Educational Trust. The school year-book will publish a list of member’s names.


As a member of the DPHS Association you will receive quarterly news updates on the school by email, copy of the school events calendar and receive invitations to special events.  You will also be notified of tours the school undertakes outside KZN.  The Headmaster and School Governors expect the DPHS Association Members to be kept informed on matters of importance to the school and Old Boys.


DPHS Association members caps, which is also the official DPHS Supporters cap, will be sold at R200 each from the DPHS Association office. These navy blue limited edition caps will be numbered 1 to 103 (the current age of DPHS). In addition Old Boys will be able to have their DPHS School Admission number embroidered onto an Association Cap for an additional R50. DPHS Old Boys will be identifiable by their unique Admission Number, taken from the school’s Admission Register, on their Association Cap.