About the School

Durban Prep is a school steeped in tradition, with impressive facilities and the best Educators who provide top-quality education.

There is always a buzz – things happening - because the school has so much to offer. You can sense the passion. Amongst all of this are high levels of support from all connected to the school. There is a terrific sense of pride. And much emphasis on fair discipline.

Taking the example of the Educators, the well-mannered boys learn leadership and develop high levels of integrity, in an environment

which provides a down-to-earth yet highly professional approach to education - in perfect balance; sport and sportsmanship; academics; culture, and a cross-cultural understanding and acceptance, where anyone is welcome.

This school is not for the faint-hearted however. It is progressive and fresh, and very challenging, and one can only feel privileged to be a part of it. And in no other way is this better demonstrated by the legendary Grade 7’s last bell on their final day at Prep, after which of course, better fortune follows.