Grade 1

The first day of Grade 1 for every learner, is always a memory which is never forgotten! The ‘build up’ to this special day is met with enthusiasm, excitement and trepidation!!! Within a few days the learners soon adapt to the formal routine and enjoy attending assemblies and specialist lessons as well as Saturday morning sport which includes mini-cricket, mini-rugby and mini-hockey.

Grade 1 is a year in which the learners learn to read, solve numeracy problems and further develop their Life skills. As a teacher it is most rewarding to embrace the new learner at the beginning of the year and then confidently promote him to Grade 2 equipped with all the Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills required in the next stage of his learning. Excursions are planned around the themes that are taught and these outings are always met with much excitement. Galas, Sports Day and Assembly presentations are also included in the day to day learning experiences.

Subject Class teacher or Specialist
Information Technology Specialist
JP Media Specialist
Visual Arts/Design Technology Class Teacher
Class Music Specialist
Class Drama Specialist
Physical Education Specialist
Swimming Coach Specialist
Life Skills Class Teacher
Learning Support Specialist
Mathematics Class Teacher
English: Home Language Class Teacher
Afrikaans Class Teacher
isiZulu Specialist