Grade 3

Grade 3 is an exciting and unique experience for young learners!
We provide a balanced, interesting and challenging programme which builds on the firm foundations developed in Grade 1 and Grade 2 and prepares our young learners for admission to the Senior Primary Phase of their education.

It is a very busy year of fun, new experiences and challenges:
Lessons such as Computer Science, Design & Tech, Art and Media Studies are taught in small groups of approximately ten learners by specialist teachers thus ensuring individual attention and competency.

It is in Grade 3 that our young learners are offered their first opportunities to play in inter-school fixtures in sports such as Rugby, Cricket and Hockey thus ensuring both the development of essential skills and healthy sportsmanship.

Learners are given the opportunity to attend Club Activities after school and are able to choose between Art and Craft, Cookery and Chess for three terms of the year.

A highlight of the year’s activities is the Grade 3 Concert which is presented every year during the fourth term.

As part of our Outreach programme, our Grandparents and residents of local Senior Citizens Homes are invited to a special production of the concert followed by a delicious morning tea.
This is the first year in which our learners, in addition to several day outings relevant to theme work, enjoy their first overnight excursion – an occasion which is feared by many but is always successful and provides the necessary preparation for longer excursions and Sport Tours in the future.

Subject Class teacher or Specialist
English: Home Language Class Teacher
Afrikaans Class Teacher
isiZulu Specialist
Mathematics Class Teacher
Life Skills Class Teacher
Design Technology Specialist
Information Technology Specialist
Media Science Specialist
Visual Arts Specialist
Class Music Specialist
Class Drama Specialist
Physical Education Specialist
Coaching Specialist
Swimming Coach Specialist
Learning Support Specialist