Grade 5

Grade 5 is the second year of the senior primary. Here boys have the opportunity to consolidate the foundation already laid down in previous grades. Boys are now expected to be more responsible and organised with regards their academic, sporting as well as the cultural programme.

This is the first year that the boys are streamed according to their Mathematical and English language abilities. Top achievers are placed in an A-stream class with the remaining learners being divided into two equal mixed-ability classes. This helps to extend the boys who work quickly and grasp new concepts easily. In the mixed-ability classes, areas of difficulties are identified and the pace of teaching adjusted accordingly. Further assistance is given separately to smaller groups of boys requiring remedial instruction by the learning support department. All learners complete the same curriculum and tests are standard.

Subject Class teacher or Specialist
English Class Teacher
Afrikaans Class Teacher / Specialist
Zulu Specialist
Mathematics Class Teacher
Natural Sciences Class Teacher
Social Sciences Class Teacher / Specialist
Life Orientation Class Teacher
Design Technology Specialist
Information Technology Specialist
Visual Arts Specialist
Performing Arts Specialist
Class Music Specialist
Class Drama Specialist
Physical Education Specialist
Swimming Coach Specialist
Learning Support Classes Specialist