Grade 6

Grade 6 sees the boys entering the senior part of the school and is a definite gear up from the previous grades. As such, the boys are expected to set the tone for the younger boys, displaying good leadership and mentorship.

Grade 6 is the first year that the boys write formal exams, these being at half - year and at the end of the year. Their academic records are of vital importance this year, as they are used in applying for high schools of their choice.

A highlight of Grade 6 is the Victor Daitz Science Expo, which forms part of their NS curriculum. The boys devise science experiments and are expected to present to a panel of judges. The boys produce work of an increasingly high standard every year.

Subject Class teacher or Specialist
English Class Teacher
Afrikaans Class Teacher / Specialist
Zulu Specialist
Mathematics Class Teacher
Natural Sciences Class Teacher
Social Sciences Class Teacher / Specialist
Life Orientation Class Teacher
Design Technology Specialist
Information Technology Specialist
Media Science Specialist
Visual Arts Specialist
Performing Arts Specialist
Class Music Specialist
Class Drama Specialist
Physical Education Specialist
Swimming Coach Specialist
Learning Support Classes Specialist