Junior Primary

Grades 1, 2 and 3

Laying a sound foundation for the formal component of a boy’s schooling is the unique and critically important challenge facing the Junior Primary. During a boy’s three years in this phase the essential learning areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills are covered through a dynamic and relevant programme. Small class sizes of no more that 22 are a key element in this process. A team of fully qualified JP specialist teachers guided by their own head teacher are tasked with this challenge.

The Junior Primary reflects its own unique ethos. The boys enjoy their own special activities and occasions throughout the year such as galas, sporting events and concerts. The Junior Primary boys have their own playground and occupy the old wing of the school.

These boys are fortunate to benefit from the expertise of specialist teachers in the following fields: Information Technology; Media Science; the Performing Arts, both Music and Drama; Physical Education; Design Technology and Visual Arts.  A Learning Support Centre offers additional benefit. As part of this foundation building experience the boys are exposed to a full range of sporting activities centred on skills and enjoyment.

At the end of their Junior Primary career, boys can confidently look forward to the challenges and opportunities that the Senior Primary will present.