Prep Pal System

To give all the boys in the School an opportunity to meet and talk to each other across the Grades, a unique family of friends, known as Prep Pals, is established at the start of every year.

Each boy in Grade 7 is allocated a learner from each of the lower Grades, affording the senior boy the opportunity to become mentor or guardian of his group of six younger boys. It is the duty of the older members of each group of pals to take a personal interest in each of the younger boys as individuals and in so doing encourage their happiness and success at DPHS.

Prep Pal meetings are held at the beginning and end of each term and on other occasions when the need arises.

Our Prep Pal Programme continues to connect boys from each Grade level together in a “family” group. At various times throughout the year these groups meet to discuss topics which encourage their responses on a range of life skills issues. This year, families have enjoyed the close mentorship of a staff member, so that progress and interaction within the family could be monitored and supported.

In an active school environment it remains important to take time for meaningful inter-personal connection, especially in an age where communication is becoming increasingly technological. Our boys are developing the skills required for ‘face-to-face’ discussion and debate.